Jinny’s first entire book, Where the Great Wall Ends, is available via the  print-on-demand feature that’s become an increasing part of the book world. It describes a lifelong interest in China, and a deepening understanding of the cultural and natural features of this faraway, big land. Her second book, a shorter, U.S.-focussed set of essays, Somewhat Centrist, Slightly Sexist Seasonal Rants, is also available in either print or e-book format. 

Jinny has been writing for her own enjoyment almost all her life–keeping diaries and journals, jotting down titles and summaries of articles and books that moved her. 

Partway through a career in computer programming, she branched out into slightly more public writing, composing parody lyrics to popular songs to vent her frustrations and amuse her friends, dashing off letters to various editors about issues important to her, even getting short opinion pieces published in a local alternative weekly.  

Since she stopped working primarily for pay, she’s devoted more time and effort to honing and sharing her writing.  Please check out her blog,  jinnyoccasionalpoems, and/or buy her book: 

  •    You can order a copy of either book from your favorite local independent bookstore–find one here
  •    If you don’t live near a bookstore, you can purchase online via Amazon
  •    See where Jinny traveled in China pre-pandemic on this map