On Remaining Somewhat Centrist?…

The covid-19 pandemic has lingered much longer than nearly any of us expected. As time went on, more of us got increasingly frustrated. It was soooo easy to look for someone to blame, whatever our ethical, religious, or political persuasions. If I’ve remained partially sane, it has more to do with the availability of outdoor recreation in the locale where I now live than with anything I’ve been exposed to via media.

I’m reworking some of the essay-type entries in jinnyoccasionalpoems,com into a collection of “somewhat centrist” entries, due for public consumption later in March. My hope is that folks who may or may not share any of my perspectives will find encouragement and food for thought and discussion in Somewhat Centrist, Slightly Sexist Seasonal Rants: Musings from the Alto Section. I’ll update my main author page when the book becomes available.

May you remain intrigued and hopeful, whatever comes next.